ORD 265- Repealing Ordinance 263, North Santiam Sewer Authority Ratifying Ordinance

ORD 264- Pregnancy Accommodation Policy

ORD 263- North Santiam Sewer Authority Ratifying Ordinance

ORD 262- Discrimination & Harassment Free Workplace Policy

ORD 261- Amend Ordinance 213-Open Burning/Fireworks/Fire Code/Emergency

ORD 260- Transient Occupancy Tax

ORD 259- Establishing Park Rules

ORD 258- Repealing Ordinance 246, Pacific Sanitation Rate Changes

ORD 257- Amending Ordinance 244-Marijuana Licensing Requirements

ORD 256- Competitive Bid Exemption

ORD 255- Amending Ordinance 235-Backyard Chickens

ORD 254- Development Code Amendment

ORD 253- Regulating Seasonal Outdoor Vendors

ORD 252- Regulating Parking and Storage on City Streets

ORD 251- Parking Restrictions

ORD 250- Amending Ordinance No. 244, Marijuana Licensing Requirements

ORD 249- Amending Ordinance No. 245, Imposing 3% Tax on Marijuana Items

ORD 248- Amending Ordinance No. 234, Clester Rd., and Declaring an Emergency

ORD 247- Amending Detroit Zoning and Comprehensive Plan Maps

ORD 246- Waste Management Rate Changes

ORD 245- Marijuana Tax

ORD 244- Marijuana Facilities Licensing Requirements

ORD 243- Amending Ordinance No. 213, Firework Restrictions and Declaring an Emergency

ORD 242- Temporarily Prohibiting the Establishment of Marijuana Facilities within the City

ORD 241- Amending the City of Detroit Development Code

ORD 240- Amending Ordinance 236, ATV and Declaring an Emergency

ORD 239- Amending City of Detroit Development Code (TBD)

ORD 238- Amending Ordinance No. 213 and Declaring an Emergency

ORD 237- Snowmobile Operation Regulations

ORD 236- ATV Operation Regulations

ORD 235- Backyard Chickens

ORD 234-  Declaring Clester Road a Restricted Parking Area

ORD 233- Supporting the Trap Neuter-Return as the only Humane and Effective Approach to Feral Cat Management, and Declaring an Emergency

ORD 232- Declaring a Moratorium on Medical Marijuana Faculties

ORD 231- (Amending ORD 206) Providing for the Establishment of System Development Charges (SDCs), and Procedures for Collecting and Expending SDC’s

ORD 230- Changing for Property Addressed as 345 W Santiam Ave.  The Comprehensive Plan Designation from Public to Single Family Residential, and Rezone from Public to Single Family Residential

ORD 229- (Amending ORD 39) To Extend the Existing Franchise Agreement Between the City of Detroit and Consumer Power Inc., for an Additional Ten Years (Copy with SDC, ORD206)

ORD 228-  (Amending ORD 221) Governing Placement of Satellite Dishes, Etc.

ORD 227-  (Amending ORD 222) Amendment to Nuisance (ORD 213)

ORD 226- Ordinance to Regulate Storm Water Runoff

ORD 225- (Amending ORD 215) Business License Ordinance

ORD 224- Adopting Text Amendments to the City of Detroit Development Code

ORD 223- Adopting Text Amendments to the City of Detroit Development Code and Including the Addition of Two Maps to the City of Detroit Comprehensive Plan

ORD 222- (Amending ORD 213) Noise Disturbance

ORD 221- Placement of Satellite Dishes, Flagpoles, RF Antennas, Radio Antennas etc.

ORD 220- (Amending ORD 214) Amending Lodging Tax

ORD 219- (Amending ORD 206) Public Notifications

ORD 218- Adopting the City of Detroit Transportation System Plan and Including its use in Combination with the City of Detroit Comprehensive Plan

ORD 217- (Amending ORD 213) Defining Nuisances and Repealing Ordinances 29/74/130 and Declaring Emergency

ORD 216- Relating to Solid Waste Management in the City of Detroit, OR. Including but not Limited to Granting Pacific Sanitation Inc.

ORD 215- Providing for Licensing of Commercial Business Operations for the Purpose of Revenue. Provoding the Methods of Issuing Licenses. Providing Penalties and Repealing ORD 168

ORD 214- Provide for Transient Occupancy Tax for the City of Detroit, OR, and Provide to the Administrative Procedures for Collection of the Same

ORD 213- Defining Nuisances, Providing for their Abatement and Declaring an Emergency

ORD 212-  Amending the Detroit Development Code Chapter 4.3 Land Divisions and Lot Line Adjustments, Subsections 4.3.2 and 4.3.4, and Declaring an Emergency

ORD 211- (Replacing and Repealing ORD 154 and ORD 209) The City of Detroit’s Franchise Agreement with Verizion Northwest Inc.

ORD 210- (Amending ORD 111) Municipal Contract Review Board

ORD 209- (Updating and Amending ORD 154) The City of Detroit’s Franchise Agreement with Verizion Northwest Inc.

ORD 208-  City of Detroit’s Outdoor Mass Gathering Ordinance

ORD 207-  Providing for Enforcement of City Ordinances and Delcaring an Emergency. This Ordinance Repeals ORD 122 and ORD 136 in its Entirety.

ORD 206-  Providing for the Establishment of System Development Charges (SDCs)

ORD 205- (Amending ORD 166) Relating to City Fees, and (Repealing ORD 203) Declaring an Emergency